ABRASSO is a non-for-profit organisation. Our main objective is to encourage multiculturalism in its best form. We are Brazilians, Australians and Citizens of the World who wish to promote the Brazilian culture and heritage and assist Brazilians to blend-in and assimilate the Australian way of life, values and ethics.

We intend to support Brazilian residents in their settlement in Australia as well as identify and advocate their needs. Furthermore, we work towards the establishment of solidarity amongst members of the Brazilian community and development of their awareness regarding their rights and their obligations while living in Australia. Our aim is to advance the Brazilian culture within the general community.

We endeavour to carry out actions enabling social and environmental responsibilities as well as promoting the Portuguese language and Brazilian education in Australia.  We love Australia and everything Australian, and if we can add a little Brazilian rhythm and spice to the Aussie lifestyle… well why not!

We will work in close partnership with sister entities, such as BraCCA in Sydney and ABRISA in Melbourne and will support the projects of other organisations that share similar interests and whose work and efforts we might complement, such as the Australia-Brazil Chamber of Commerce, ABCC. We exist to support the efforts of Government bodies such as the Brazilian Embassy in Canberra, the Brazilian Consulate General in Sydney as well as support the initiatives of the QLD Government Multicultural Policy: “Multicultural Queensland – making a world of difference”

The ABRASSO Committee is highly motivated and we are creating a calendar of events to increase friendship and cultural exchange between Australia and Brazil. ABRASSO members will start receiving newsletters and will be able to count on an experienced team who will always be ready with information you may need, from tips on where to find the best of Brazil here in Queensland to Portuguese speaking doctors, dentists and lawyers. Members will have access to NAATI accredited translators and Portuguese tutors at discounted rates and much, much more.

With your support and that of the community we are here to stay and grow. We look forward to working closely with you.